• FORTHCOMING: Images of Power

    FEBRUARY 9 – 24, 2018


    Call for Art: Images of Power

    Freight Gallery in San Antonio, Texas is looking for artists to participate in an exhibition titled “Images of Power,” which will be displayed February 2018.  The theme of the exhibition is White Supremacy: past, present, and the unknown future. This exhibition is about fighting and living in a world built on White Supremacy. The idea for this exhibition was sparked by the censorship of an artwork dealing with ideas of whiteness in which the institution felt that they were unequipped to deal with such topics. Freight Gallery has stepped-up to host an exhibition dealing with the uncomfortable and often-times unspoken truths of the history of white power and its current state of affairs.

    Artist Submissions are due by November 1, 2017. All artists are eligible to apply. It is our hope that artists from all backgrounds and perspectives will submit.   Artists from all geographic regions are welcome to apply, but shipping is the responsibility of the artist.  You may enter work created in any media.  And there is a $10 application fee (non-refundable) which will be used for the creation of an exhibition catalogue and to obtain a notable contributing scholar.

    Freight Gallery is part of the highly popular and heavy-trafficked Lone Star Art District’s second Saturday in which the opening reception will coincide.  An art talk (with the forthcoming scholar) will be held on Saturday, February 17th.  We expect this to be a highly-attended exhibition.

    The selected artist will be responsible for the shipping back and forth, and a high-resolution image of finished artwork (for publication) due by December. And the artist will agree to a 30% gallery commission regarding sales of artworks displayed.

     About the Curators:

     This exhibition will be co-curated by Alana Coates, Sergio Martinez & Mark Anthony Martinez.

    Alana Coates earned a master’s degree in art history and nonprofit administration and leadership from The University of Texas at San Antonio.  Since 2005, she has overseen over 60 exhibitions.  Her most recent independent projects include Daydreams and Other Monsters, an exhibition featuring the works of Peter Saul, John Hernandez, Louie Chavez and Megan Solis, and YLA 22: ¡ Ahora !  (Now!), the annual emerging artist exhibition at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas, both exhibitions received national recognition.

    Mark Anthony Martinez was born in San Antonio, Texas; Mark Anthony Martinez is a conceptual artist whose works investigate racialized identity via an “off-white” lens. His practice consists of installation, painting, text and video based works. He received his BFA in Intermedia at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (2011) and MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University (2014). Most recently, Martinez served as Visual Arts Director to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (2015-2017), facilitating over 20 exhibitions. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where he maintains his artistic and curatorial pursuits.

     Sergio Martinez owner and founder of Freight Gallery & Studios.  Martinez has facilitated numerous exhibitions and participates in art fairs. Freight Gallery has recently undergone major renovations making it a premier exhibition space in the Lone Star Art District.

    About Freight Gallery:  Established in 2014, Freight Gallery strives to provide the artistic community of San Antonio a creative springboard from which to explore new ideas. With a focus on community and collaboration, Freight is a space in which artists can shed inhibition and push themselves to move beyond convention.


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    Mycue, Victoria. “Not ‘Off-White’ Enough?: Why Mexic-Arte left one piece out of its ‘YLA22’ exhibition,” The Austin Chronicle, August 26, 2017.


    Please join us this Friday for the opening reception of David Del Francia's work at The Outlet. 

    Additionally, PII will be cooking on The Oven, and Mark Anthony Martinez's Beige Rage will join Lise Haller Baggesen's Lipstick Suprematism at the Nicholas Frank Public Library.


    OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 16th from 7-9pm

    @ The Open 832 E Chambers Street, Milwaukee, WI


    An Exhibition by: 

    David Del-Francia

    ...quietly turning on


    “SCENE: A GROWING NUMBER OF AMERICA’S ELITE ARE QUIETLY TURNING ON. It is not uncommon for people on these trips, especially with new chemical drugs, as opposed to organic ones, to develop the illusion that they are themselves computers. Similarly, where once psychotic children identified themselves as bunnies and cats and other beasts from the fun animal world, now they identify with cars and television sets. This, of course, is not so much a hallucination as a discovery. The computer is a more sophisticated extension of the central nervous system than ordinary electric relays and circuits. When people live in an environment of such circuitry and feedback, carrying much greater quantities of information than any previous social scene, they develop something akin to what medical men call “referred pain.” The impulse to get “turned on” is a simple Pavlovian reflex felt by human beings in an environment of electric information. Such an environment is itself a phenomenon of self-amputation. Every new technological innovation is a literal amputation of ourselves in order that it may be amplified and manipulated for social power and action. Naturally, such amputation is associated with pain that is referred not so much to the body as to brain centers. As Lowenstein points out: “There is hardly a brain center outside the reach of pain pathways.” Most people are in the habit of associating technological innovations with the physical upset to their customary routines and customers.”

    -Marshall McLuhan, “War and Peace in the Global Village.” 1968



    The Oven presents:

    PIOpen Kitchen 

    Corny-Piquante Three-Course After-Taste 



    The NFPL presents:Season 2: Off-White, featuring Lise Haller Baggesen & Mark Anthony Martinez


    Mark Anthony Martinez describes himself as 'Offwhite,' providing the inspiration for Season Two's Off-White theme for NFPL programming. According to Martinez, his work "explores representation and power through image and symbol, to expose whiteness as interconnected within a system of domination and privilege." His practice "illustrates an anti-racist aesthetic dedicated toward elucidating whiteness as a hegemonic power structure, within the confines of the whitewall gallery" — and in the NFPL, the walls will become his specially formulated color called "Beige Rage" for the duration of Season Two. A supposedly neutral color, beige bears an uneasy resemblance to the standard 'flesh tone' in use by many paint manufacturers to represent a certain shade of skin borne by white people. Martinez's jab exposes the fundamental fallacy of universality that animates white people's self-imagined domination, and perhaps their own blindness to the full spectrum of humanity around them. Martinez resides in San Antonio, TX.

    Lise Haller Baggesen's Lipstick Suprematism continues, with several paintings backgrounded by Beige Rage.

    Director of The Outlet Gallery

    Katy Cowan

  • Profiling Made Visible: The Art of Mark Anthony Martinez & Michael Martinez, 2016

    Profiling Made Visible: The Art of Mark Anthony Martinez & Michael Martinez, 2016

    Profiling Made Visible: The Art of Mark Anthony Martinez & Michael Martinez, Curated by David S. Rubin, 2016

    Bihl Haus Arts

    2803 Fredericksburg Road

    San Antonio, TX

    Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4, 5:30 - 8:30pm

    Saturday, June 11, 2pm: Queer Disclosure: Identity, Biopolitics and Medical Practice, by Will Robertson PhD

    Saturday, June 18, 2pm: Dialog/Dialogo, w/ guest curator David S. Rubin and feat. artists Mark Anthony Martinez and Michael Martinez

    Saturday, June 25, 2pm: Queer Poetry, a reading orgnaized by Michael Martinez



    CADRE - The PSU School of Art + Design - MFA in Contemporary Art Practice - Studio Practice - Graduate Exhibition - Saturday, June 7, 2014, 6-11 p.m. - Opening reception @ ROCKSBOXCONTEMPORARYFINEART

  • 297a8a7338b8102e-tumblr_inline_n3cd50xUlm1qhwtse.jpg

    An exhibition of work from the Portland State University
    MFA in Contemporary Art Practice/Studio Program

    Jea Alford
    Bryan Dalton
    Perry Doane
    Kaila Farrell-Smith
    Chris Freeman
    Katie Holden
    Manny Layers
    Mark Martinez  
    Pam Minty
    Wesley Petersen
    Isaac Fletcher Weiss
    Kathryn Yancey

    Curated by Ed Marszewski

    April 1 – 21, 2014

    Opening Reception
    April 4th, 2014 
    7:00 –11:00pm

    Co-Prosperity Sphere
    3219 -21 South Morgan Street
    Chicago Illinois, 60608

  • MFA Thesis Exhibition

    MFA Thesis Exhibition



    Exhibition Statement:

    CREAM is working with symbolic color, typically attributed to the status of “flesh.” Specifically, wherein corporeal traits are given to untreated, untextured, flat hues of beige. The designation of this exhibition to CREAM, simultaneously evokes ideas on hierarchy and whiteness (of one sort or another). Highlighting the instrumentalization of beige as a color that both represents banality and invokes particular bodies, the artist aims to interrogate the implicit racialization off-white hues invariably undergo.


    Portland State University Art Building

    2000 SW Fifth Avenue, 97207



    FILM LAB #1

    Saturday, 2/22, 730-930pm 

    5th Avenue Cinema

    510 SW Hall St

    Portland, Oregon